Full examples of videos I’ve edited:

Music video: Painted Flowers – She’s Got Soul
Music video: Kabaal klankbaan – Not Tonight, Josephine
Promo/Title Sequence: Mbau Reloaded
Drama [Short film]: Vervroegde Aftrede [excerpt]
Magazine: Geldhelde Season 2 Episode 8 – Gert-Johan Coetzee [insert]
Lifestyle: SARIE Voorbladgesig Season 2 [excerpt]
Lifestyle: ChatNou Bonafide Barbers [insert]
Reality/dating: Sê Vir Mamma Season 1 [excerpt]
Online shortform documentary: Sans Masker
Product explainer: Tyre Care TPMS Full-length & [Shortened version]
Event aftermovie: STRAB 2018
Corporate AV: Twizza-Crickley
Social Media content: True Blue Tattoo Story: Brent
#NoExcuse Case Study video
Live Music: Wolfgang Marrow – The Will [Live at JARR Bar]
Sê Vir Mamma Episodic
SARIE Voorbladgesig Episodic
Silly Seasons Episodic
ChatNOU Finale promo
ChatNOU Compilation
Sans Masker Online shortform doc teaser
Naledi: An African Journey [choir concert]
Movie Teaser:
Inside Job
Nul is nie Niks nie

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When I’m not editing, I also occasionally direct, or operate a camera, as seen in this reel:

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